I WILL finish this damn certification!

I started the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification over 6 months ago. I kept getting stuck and so I have been doing some other learning paths in the meantime. I come back to it every now and then, and I’m like 80% done I think? I’m too lazy to count and total exactly. :laughing:
Happy to say that my understanding has improved enough to solve a lot of the basic algorithms without too much googling. (Not that there’s anything wrong with googling). I’m a little nervous about Intermediate Algorithms, but I am joining the forums again so I can reach out with questions.



It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it matters what you’ve learned.

Yeah, 100% google things. Certainly google language details - professional devs do that ll the time. And if you need, google general ideals. Ideally you aren’t going to google the solution.

After you solve it, I think googling the solution is actually a good thing. It’s good to see how someone else solved it. And it can reinforce the ideas.

The algorithms can get tough. I think algorithms are important to learn, but I also like to emphasize that they are not a defining quality for a good developer - I know a lot of great devs that are not wizards with DS&A.

I also think that it is unfortunate that FCC lumps so many together. I think it would be better if they were spread throughout the curriculum, but that doesn’t really fit with FCC’s teaching model. I would say though, that if all you have left is Intermediate Algorithm Scripting and the projects, then you could take minibreaks and work on the Front End Development Libraries - there’s nothing in there dependent on anything specific in the Intermediate Algorithm Scripting section.

And don’t be afraid to ask the forum. If you’ve struggled with it for a while, post your code and ask for a hint.


“We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.” - Maya Angelou


i started doing the same certification in march last year but i finished it in march this year

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I am about to start working on the Palindrome project. If you don’t mind, I’m interested to know which resources on the web you’ve found useful for the algorithms course? Keep up the good work! It’s okay to take baby steps as long as you don’t stop moving forward :slight_smile:

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