JS Intermediate Algorithm

I have been working through the Javascript certification. These intermediate algorithm problems have given me a lot of trouble and I am stuck. I have a hard time working through multiple questions a day.

While working through 2-3 problems/day, I have also skipped ahead to working on the front end libraries. The algo problems require a lot of deep thinking for me. I have extra time in the day to code, but I need a break from these problems. Any thoughts on working ahead? The front end libraries don’t seem too involved anything I would learn from the algo problems just yet.

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If it’s working well for you, then keep doing what is working.

Hi there,

The front-end libraries certification does use quite a bit of JS but you should be fine! Most of the JS code you will use are object-based such as using props and states (whic you will be taught about in React. As long as you have the knowledge of Objects, functions, arrays etc and how to loop through them and access their properties. Moving ahead is fine! Most of the JS I used was mainly basic conditional operations like If/else and switch statements, and using the map function.

I am happy to send you some links of my code I wrote for the projects at the end if you want to see what they would be expecting you to do by the end of the certification.

Let me know if you need help in anything!

Hope this helps, and good luck :smiley:

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Algorithms are important as you’ll encounter some challenges easier or harder depending on the job (if you aim to get one). A solid knowledge of algorithms and data structures helps writing better code that performs also well and faster.

That being said, if you aim to land a job ASAP, you can skip some of those and start working on the front end libraries section to create some projects to show in your portfolio. But I recommend you to not ignore algorithms in the future since it can be what sets you apart from rest of devs.

Thanks for all the advice! I plan to keep working on Algorithms non-stop. I just think it will take a lot of time for me to really learn these methods on a deep level.

For me, it’s a trade-off after spending a certain amount of time on a problem. That’s why I wanted to work on other areas inn my extra study time

I am stuck in the intermediate algorithm section. I find the exercises challenging and i do not have a clue. It makes me wonder if i grasped anything from the JS section.

Please, i need useful tips on how to master the algortithms section! Thank you.

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if you are stuck there it doesn’t mean that you don’t know javascript, it may be that your problem solving skill is not much developed, the solution is to just keep practicing.

In any case, you can always ask in the forum if you don’t understand why something you are trying doesn’t work

About your problem solving skill:
you could ignore the programming languages for a moment, try instead solving the challenge in plain language, putting in the simplest steps (so that even a 3 year old could replicate it following your steps)

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thank you so much, I was also about to give up but your comment helped me. I’ll start with “frontend libraries” but I still want to complete intermediate algorithm problems can you suggest me how should I approach this problem.

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Great post and answers!! Noticed the same thing with algorithms it was taking me hours to solve just a couple questions. I will keep bouncing back to it like you are too. I agree with the above comment, I feel that it’s more my problem solving skills that need to be worked on as opposed to my javascript knowledge.