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Hi guys .I began to code 2 months ago. No other experience .Now ı got the JavaScript algorithms and Responsıve Design certifications. I also completed the Bootstrap section. But now i am actually scarıng. Because ı dıdnt solve all the intermediate algoritmhs. And final certıfıcation algorithms was really hard for me. Because they took my 3 days. So thıs ıs why i scared. Dont get me wrong but ı have to find a job immediately so ı have to learn more but scarıng. When ı look the other solutıons they are so sımple .but ı cant do lıke that. And ı dont know ıf i can do in front end lıbrarıes .what should i do ? Is it hard to learn react , jquery etc ? Please gıve me some advıce.

I am not sure I understand, are you saying you are afraid to learn something new? If that’s the case then that’s fine, it’s just time to be brave then. As a wise man once ever said, the only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.

Now think about it this way, when you first started to code 2 months ago and you knew nothing you had to study and learn what you know now right?, which I’m sure is a lot more than what you knew when you first started out, just apply the same method now. It’s ok to be scared and have doubts, but if you are serious about this, you will have to left those fears behind and take action, and I suggest you start now.

Do not try to rush things, take your time to learn whatever is it that you are trying to learn, follow a tutorial and finish it, then build a few projects until you feel comfortable with the technology that you are trying to learn. Also, if a given tutorial is not working for you or there’s something you don’t fully understand, look it up online, don’t stick with only one tutorial.

As you progress and keep learning you will realize that it’s not that scary to learn something new simply because you will get used to it.

Put some additional ~300-500hrs (~6 months of 15-20hrs per week) of focused learning into it,
then you can think about being employable.

Topics to learn:

  • planning/thinking before coding
  • git
  • testing
  • fetching data (REST APIs first)
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There isn’t anything particularly difficult about learning the front end libraries. It’s going to take some time, but if you put the work in you’ll get there. I’ve actually come to really enjoy programming in React after completing the front end certificate projects. I hadn’t completed all the Intermediate Algorithms either when I started the Front End section (I’m currently finishing them now). I actually believe doing the front end section made my vanilla JS better.
I highly recommend doing the React tutorial on Scrimba alongside the FCC challenges.

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Thanks a lot .ı am scarıng to fail actually.