Haivng major struggles with javascript

I just was wondering if anyone else had a huge struggle trying to go form responsive certificate to just being stuck on java script and was able to start to grasp it. I am concerned I wont be able to ever get a career, using freecodecamp. So many people on the 100 days of code are already on bootstrap and just flying through eveything. Am I wasting my time here.

Javascript can be a bit daunting at first. It’s a different type of language to HTML/CSS (which are markup languages). Javascript is a scripting language and has to teach you a lot of concepts about logic, data structures and algorithms. It comes with practice though!

I wouldn’t give up on it. Just take it step by step and ask questions here about anything you don’t understand. We are here to help!


Ok thank you I know some people learn quicker then others I just want to be able to grasp it.


Some people also put a lot more time in per day than others too. I’m pretty slow at working through the curriculum as I have little free time to dedicate to it, so I see people progressing a lot more quickly than I am for that reason too.

Good luck!


If you are stuck on something, that means you’re learning. Major struggles == major learning.

Don’t compare yourself to others on 100days who are “flying through everything”. You don’t know what their day is like, what their support is, background and prior knowledge. Maybe they are wasting their time repeating things they already know, maybe they are some kind of fake bot, or they can spend more time on it than you have.

Embrace being stuck and feeling dumb and slow, learn to love that feeling. That’s where the learning is. You will figure it out, or you can always ask for help. Once you know how to solve it, then you’ll know, and you can build on that.

You will always get stuck, you will always struggle. The harder it is the more rewarding the feeling will be when you finally solve something and move on.

JS is very different than HTML/CSS so you might need to adjust your approach or expectations. There is a lot more logical puzzles.


ok I really cant wait to get into this field there is so much support from other people. Yeah I didnt think that maybe they are just doing it again. I also am doing the responsive web design again so yeah good point. glad to get so much support on my journey.

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