Stucked at programming

Hi, I feel so stucked at programming/coding. A few weeks ago i lost motivation to code, because i can’t get in with responsive web design, i know it will become better with practicing but i don’t know how to turn back on my coding road. :face_with_head_bandage:

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Yeah, this is hard stuff. It takes time. Everyone has parts that are easier for them and parts that are harder for them.

Also, don’t get caught up in perfectionism. You are not expected to memorize them all. All developers spend a lot of time looking things up. You need to learn what is available and know how to google the details. You will forget some stuff along the way. That’s OK. The important thing is that you get good at searching for these things.

I can’t tell you how to motivate yourself. If you need a break, take a little break. If you want, you can start looking at the second section. I don’t think the first JS cert references anything in HTML or CSS. Or maybe just take a little break. Or maybe just try to see what you can build with what you know.


I’ll get your advice, and thank You, and I have one more question, what learn after basics of HTML and CSS. :smiley:

JavaScript, web development always is JavaScript

If you are doing the freecodecamp curriculum, just continue the curriculum, it covers some pretty important topics for web dev


Thank You so much. :smiley:

Nick, hello there.

Let me tell you this. I’ve been on the programming path for the last two years. It’s not much, but for me, as a constant quitter, it means something. It would be easier to say how many times I really sat at my laptop and programmed, than to say how many times I gave up on programming. However, I managed to get my Web Design Certificate. How? Don’t ask me, it was a rocky and long road.

Now let’s talk about you for a bit. You’ve started programming, you found FreeCodeCamp. I guess you did it for a reason than just for fun. Maybe you want to change your job, maybe you want to get more money or help others. Or maybe all of this combined. You came here for a reason, Nick. So, the most important question is not “When will this become easier?”, but “How do I get to the place I want to be now?”. By work, sometimes monotonous, sometimes hard and unrewarding. But in the end you will see the result, trust me on that.

Cheers, Nick. Hope to see you on the other side. Maybe one day I will need motivation and you will be there to land me a hand.


Thank you alot Jerry, and I’ll get your advice. I hope, I will pause codin for a few days, and then get back, to achieve this web design cert. All best to you. :smiley:

Hi there, if you are stuck you can always ask in this forum, all uses here are friendly and willing to help you.

You can also click the get hint button at the challenge. Those hints are really useful for you to solve your problem.

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How to turn back on your coding road? Remember why you started. Why do you started your coding road? Take a break, think about it, think about the benefits, about the beautiful things that you can create! And than go for it!

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theres nothing wriong with taking a break if you get stuck. Just don’t quit. i recommend using the breaks on something that can help you or nudge u in the right direction or is beneficial in general

heres what i do. when i get stuck i either watch tutorials related to the project in working on in FCC or read some literature. right now im bouncing between another career options which is embedded systems design. so when i get frustrated with FCC i take a break on tutorials or literature or work on studhyi ng for embedded systems until i get frustrated with that and go back to FCC . because i think both paths are beneficial and adding another career development pportunity only increases your chances of landing a job in the tech field. i dunno what your situation is but if you have another career your interested in (whether its software engineering, or IT) , try to change it up to lift your confidence and then come back to FCC.

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Very good advice right there :point_up:

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