For those who need motivation

There was a time when I didn’t know anything about code. I thought that coding was something else entirely. I didn’t know what a div was, or how to make a navbar, much less code in CSS or learn how to format a page. But then I discovered freeCodeCamp. Suddenly I had the drive to learn something new, something that could probably change my life in the long-term. Within a matter of months. I am proud to say after over a month of work, I have finally earned my Responsive Web Design Certification. Suffice to say, as time goes on, I will end up revisiting and revising my old work.
In a nutshell: If I could do it, then so can you!




Well done!! I just finished a few days ago as well!!


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Let’s Gooooooo !!! We are here to support each other towards ou programming journey. !!!

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