Certification in web design!

Thankfully, I’m finally done.
I started this journey immediately after my 1 year youth service as I finally have the chance to. I have always had an interest in the web, as far back as 2013, but did not have the freedom to pursue this journey till now and I’m happy it’s now.

I want this to be my career and I want to grow into being very good at it. I’ve been binging web development content again after so many years and my github has finally come to life.

I’ve gotten e-books, videos, articles all on web dev and have been practicing on my own as much as I can and taking breaks to retain the knowledge. FreeCodeCamp’s structure was what I needed as I believed I needed to ground myself in the fundamentals before heading to JavaScript. Now, I’m ready for my next challenge.


Well done!!
I’m at the tail end of it right now and I feel the same.

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