Need a little advice how someone who made it

Hey everyone needing a little advice from someone in the field. So I am still a newbie just finally started java script I have done the first certificate three times but I still feel I forgot everything from it. Was wondering if I could get some advice about how long it takes to get out of lessons and can remember the foundation learning over and over again to start doing my own projects and becoming job ready

Try to keep moving forward. Repeating the same course over and over isn’t going to do much except get you to memorize the specific code for the freeCodeCamp projects. Keep progressing and learning new things. Look up stuff that you forget or are confused by. It takes thousands of hours to gain strong competency. Keep going.

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Everyone is different there is no set timeline that is going to the same for everyone. Focus on learning, and one of the best ways is by building your own projects because it forces you to research the problems you are having.

The more you work with your code the more you will remember it, personally its a waste if time to hope you can memorize this stuff because theres just way too much.

If you’re jut starting out then I would say you need at least a year of learning and building projects before even thinking about jobs, and that year is just to get your feet wet. It will probably take longer. Keep in mind that if you’re not going to school there are people going to school for 4 years to learn this.

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ok thank you for the motivation and advice. Yeah I need to start doing the famous google search and make projects with html and css and look it up like in a career. Im still doing the javascript ill be doing more certificates

Thank you for the advice ill keep going take my time do a few hours a day and start doing projects soon hopefully dont know much of the html or css at all after doing the certificate. but your both right i need to be comfortable with google search and projects