Please advise on What to do next?

Hi fellow campers, I started free code camp about a month ago and I am currently at the projects section of responsive design certificate. I have completed 3/5 projects however I am not confident in my coding skills and upon checking the projects of fellow campers I see that some of them have knowledge beyond just html/css. So I am thinking maybe I should skip the certification projects and go further to learn javascript after which I can return to complete the certification projects. What do you guys think is best for a beginner? Second option is to take an advanced css course and master html/css, complete the projects, before going on to learn javascript and the rest of the curriculum. Please advise me on what to do. Thanks

why don’t use the project as the tool to get better? you can pass the tests with the curriculum knowledge. then maybe you want to add some flourish, research the hell out of that till you can implement that, and so on.

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Thank you so much, that is exactly what I have been doing but I was thinking I should continue learning something new like javascript while I am working on the projects so I dont spend a lot of time on just html and css.

if you want some variety you can certainly start the JS curriculum while you work on finishing the projects!

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I think you should go ahead and start learning javascript while you proceed with your projects but i advise you should spend an hour or two in learning html and css

Thank you so much guys. I have realized I have a lot to learn and will take my time to do so using the projects to increase my skill and knowledge. When I am satisfied with my knowledge I will go on to add javascript and other languages.

The trick is to never be satisfied with one’s level of knowledge.

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I’ve been using CSS for nearly 10 years and I’m still not satisfied with my knowledge of it.

CSS has a huge surface area and it’ll likely be something you’ll continue to develop expertise in for many years.

But to your first point about other campers projects seeming more sophisticated - don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others - you never know what experience level people have already when they start those projects, or how many times they’ve come back to improve them.

You’ve been doing freecodecamp for a month and have already completed 3 projects. That’s an excellent achievement. There’s a lot to learn, so don’t feel undo pressure just because you don’t know it all yet. There’s plenty of time :slight_smile:

I may have fallen into a few traps haha but anyway I am still very new at this and I discovered that I am passionate about it so I will give myself sufficient time to develop. Thank you for your words of encouragement :smile:

yes indeed. Will learn to never be satisfied