Certified Responsive Web Design Today! Whats NEXT!?

I have completed freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design course today. But i don’t know what to do next. I don’t know how to make a website visible to everyone on the web. So what should i do next…


continue with the curriculum, you have barely scraped the surface of what is web development

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Hello @madhavvattackattu !

I agree with Leader @ilenia .

Start the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification.

You will find it more challenging than the Responsive Web Design.

Remember the community is always here to help you, too.

I just finished the lessons and am on the second certification project.

Keep up the good progress and happy coding!


It’s just the beginning mate. As @anon42932716 and @ilenia advise, continue following the curriculum. You will also need to practise the HTML and CSS skills you gained, I recommend front-end mentors, some projects only require CSS and HTML. If this doesn’t work for you, you can repeat the FCC projects but make them more creative and interactive. I would advice also you to polish your CSS skills in the following areas.

  1. CSS Flexbox
  2. CSS Grid Layout.
  3. CSS animations, transitions and transforms.
  4. Web responsiveness. (Media queries)

As you continue learning JavaScript make an effort and study Git and Gitthub, we have a lesson on the FCC YouTube channel.

So that you can store your projects and track your progress. Making projects, whether complex or simple is the best way to learn as a developer. With JS, make sure you master the basics they are the building blocks of the complex stuff.


Ohh…Silly me… :joy: I thought i can make webpages now. Thank you :heart: I will continue with the curriculum.

Thank you :heart:…Im always gratefull to freeCodeCamp and the community. I will start learning javascript. Congrats on finishing your lessons and Good luck on your next certification project :heart:

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Thank you :heart:.
I will practise my HTML and CSS skills. Also try out the git anf github course.
I Always wanted to learn about GitHub but i never knew FCC made a video about it. Thanks for giving me the link. :heart:

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You can create simple static pages. But there is muuuuuuch mooooooore to learn. Would you be able to do something like Facebook right now? Nope, keep learning.

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Hello. Congrats on your journey to become a well-rounded front-end dev. I want to add my two cents — when you learn JavaScript, you will have enough knowledge to build simple websites for payment.

The only thing you need to keep doing at the same time is to enhance your HTML and CSS skills. I don’t think there is one course on the Internet that will make you a better professional without practice, practice, and more practice.


Thanks :heart:. I understand it now. The more i learn the more i get the freedom to create. And Im always grateful for freeCodeCamp :heart:

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Thanks a lot :heart:.
I will practice HTML and CSS as you said along while studying Javascript.

Javascript is a bit challenging for me because most of the time i overcomplicate it.

I have Installed VS code on my PC and I’ve made a simple static website, but i was too curious to Publish it on web so i can learn how hosting works :smile:.


For hosting you need back-end, which is dealt with in further courses on freeCodeCamp


The website and I recommend going on with the courses. Freecodecamp is basically A full-on computer science course and completing it has proved to help many people. In short, just go on with the course :upside_down_face:

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Okeyy :heart:. I’ll continue with the course :smiling_face:

So i have to learn it all to land a job?! I thought that I’d only have to study what i wanted to learn. :neutral_face:

You only have to learn what you want to. I don’t think that learning all the courses provided by freeCodeCamp will be of benefit to you if you don’t want to become full-stack developer.

If you need to land a job quick, just stick to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, all front-end wise

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Learning coding isn’t a way to land a job quick.


Maybe not all of them but I would highly recommend going through a bit of the backend curriculum even if you are not doing full stack or backend development.

Your website can’t do anything without a backend, even if it is just a static web server. Knowing a bit about the request/response cycle and some general knowledge of the ecosystem your code runs on is useful.

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Hi @JerryTheQuad , @JeremyLT , @lasjorg

Thanks for the reply :heart:

I got a lot of valuable advice and different opinions with this topic. So I’ve made up my mind to go through all of the courses. As there is nothing to lose if i study the whole course.

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