New user html 5 and css

hello guys i have just signed up for freecodecamp five days ago. do i need to go through all those challenges in order for me to be a good coder or i can just just jump to the big stuff because i`m new into coding

Hello @G_child and welcome to FreecodeCamp. If I have advice for you is to follow the first Certification in order The Responsive design Web and the Javascript Algorithms then if you want you can directly switch were you want and finish by Coding Interview cause it’ll remember you things you’ve probably forgot.

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I would advise doing all the challenges. I’ve tried tackling the projects before the challenges and noticed doing the challenges beforehand definitely helps.

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From the FAQ:

Should I complete all of the coding challenges in order?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how we introduce concepts. But you’re free to jump around.