Not fully understanding?

So I’m on the Javascript Curriculum.

The HTML/CSS one was pretty straightforward, felt like I understood most of it, nothing was too complicated. Just a lot of stuff but I feel like if you ask me to build a landing page right now I’d be able to do it.

In the Javascript one tho, I just completed the first course. And I don’t know I feel like if you were to ask me what did I just learn and what is it used for, I wouldn’t be able to answer.

It feels like my brain is fried and I was just pressing buttons. It’s a weird feeling to describe, I feel like I’m not ready for the next step. Is it normal?

I’m wondering if I should just re-do it, or if I’m just falling into the tutorial hell trap and I should keep on going and eventually it will all “click”.


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I felt the same way with the fried brain.
I did decide to re-do the first JavaScript section and I was happy to find that more of the lessons made sense to me and I needed hints a lot less. I also spent more time using the sandbox part of the lessons to play around a lot more than the first time through.
I feel like going through these lessons a few times is worth the time.

Also not every section is “harder” than the last section.


I have completed the first part of the JavaScript a few times, and I am on my third time. You will not remember everything, nobody does. But, it does help to to go through it more than once, as it not only helps to remember more, but it feels good to know that you remembered how to do something that you were not sure you knew. At least, that is how it is with me.

Even the experts often use references to either confirm or to refresh their memory on how something is done.

You will definitely get there, too.

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HI @yewth !

What you are experiencing is completely normal.

HTML and CSS are markup languages.
While CSS can get complicated in real world applications, most people are able to learn the basics.

But for JavaScript, that is a programming language.
So learning programming basics and learning how to thinking algorithmically will be a very different experience then HTML and CSS.

Like the others have mentioned, repetition and time is what it will take to truly understand javascript and be able to learn it well and build projects.

Just try to take it day by day.

Hope that helps


Thanks for replying! :slight_smile:

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Sounds good, I’ll go through it a second time, can’t hurt :smiley:

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Here’s a tip from my learning experience:

At some point I was able to read JavaScript and understand what the function I had before me were achieving. I still could barely write it without help at the same time.

Maybe you will notice the same progress, it is for sure encouraging.


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