Drifting through course without fully understanding

Hello I am currently going through the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course, but I just feel like im drifting through each part.

I complete each section not actually catching on to what im learning.

I just wanted to ask does it eventually all just click or should i be going over things again?

Thank you.

You’re not alone in this. I have it as my featured topic in this forum.

Yes, it will eventually click but I suggest not going to the next challenge if the previous challenge was unclear.

Resources in the internet are free, you don’t need to be dependent on the explanations given here if unclear, having multiple resources is huge.

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Thanks for the reply, after getting through each solution I do sort of understand how it works, but im just thinking how would I use this and what would I use it for.

Does it all become clearer after a while?

I feel like learning javascript just scrambles you’re brain to start off with.

Oh, you will use it later on the projects :slight_smile:

That’s normal

I’ve very much felt the same way… I’m even taking a separate bootcamp-ish type course through an online school and after the second run through of all the JS concepts, I still don’t really understand the application of things. Like you I get the concepts, but the practical application eludes me.

In the bootcamp course I have an assignment where I have to create the functions etc on my own and I can barely figure out where to even start. I will say, the little bit of application understanding I got was by doing a couple simple follow along JS projects on YouTube. Those linked to an HTML & CSS sheet so the way the JS integrates became a bit more clear to me.

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Maybe ill give that a go, what sort of projects were you working on.

I haven’t done a lot yet, I’m kind of rushing through the skill segments in my class now so I can do more before the next major project is due. These are the ones I did the other day: Build 3 Beginner Javascript Projects in 30 mins Tutorial - HTML, CSS & JS - YouTube. These don’t really use arrays, objects, etc but I found it helpful to see how the JS plugs into things.

There’s a plethora of ones to work on if you search “short javascript projects” . I plan to do the FreeCodeCamp 15 project one next

Learning any programming language is like learning any laguage like english. So you have to read some good book for begniers so you know the ABC of all the concepts. Once you go through all the concept then slowly move to practice. This will make things more clear and you will develop better understanding. If you think you can learn coding just by following some tutorial, that will never work. You cant memorise someone else code but you can write your own code once you know how concepts work

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Here’s my advice, specifically for JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures and classes like it:

  1. Solve the problem as best you can, without using the hints - find resources elsewhere. I’m trying to use JavaScript reference - JavaScript | MDN as much as possible to expose myself to the other methods out there.
  2. When you have to use the hints, use as little as possible
  • this will leave you with a messy code, but a code that is your own. Save it on your computer so you can go back to it later. (I’ve downloaded notepad++ to view and edit code natively, outside the browser - I’m also trying replit).
  1. Look at your code. Do you have questions/ideas about how to do it better? Write those down. (e.g. after I did the spinal case problem, I wanted to know how to match to uppercase LETTERS only, de-capitalize, and then insert a space??)
  2. Go through the hints and possible solutions. Where you see things you don’t understand, dig deeper. Take notes on paper.
  3. If you still have unanswered questions from step 3, research until you can answer them.

This process will slow you down - but you will get a deeper understanding. The goal is to exercise the muscles/tools you have, while finding the need for new tools and acquiring them. It takes time for ideas to soak into a brain.

Source: This is what I’m doing, BA in neuroscience, and 8 years as a classroom teacher.

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If you’re struggling understanding the concepts of JS or the use of it in an application, then it’s normal. Tbh, i didn’t learn everything about JS from FCC. I improved my understanding of it through Codecademy’s JS course(unpaid ones) and then came back to FCC and completed the JSS curriculum. By the time I was done with Codecademy, I already built the understanding of the language, which assisted me in completing the FCC’s JS curriculum.

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