Struggling with learning JavaScript. Seeking advice

Hallo j.wilkins.oboe
i see your advices are really nice and motivational,i have qouple of questions about learning javascript,html and css.
I bought 2 courses from Udemy, for javascript one and another one for css and html. I started with javascript and after fundamental part i realised is getting like very complex and i have a feeling that i will never learn that,becouse first to say i have problem with learning, actually in this moment i learn how to learn .I would be very grateful if you could share some advices about learning,understanding,memorising things when comes to programing.

I don’t know how to take one concept to understand it and to momorise it.Im sure a lot of people will say my question is stupid but i just dont know how to learn , :frowning:

and second thing is , should i start now with html and css and then come back to javaScript?
Or it means im just running away from complex things like in this moment, i have feeling that i did that always in my past with learning new skills,running away to start something new,becouse beginning is always simple funny and interesting, and doesnt acquire learning and revising(becouse i dont know how to do that :confused:

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Hi @daud_ibn_hasib !

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One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is thinking they have to memorize everything.
Programming is not about memorizing at all.
There will be plenty of times where you will forget a piece of syntax and need to look it up in documentation.

The key is to focus on basic understanding of the concepts.
If you are stuck on a concept, reach out for help on the forum with your code and people can help you better understand the material.
Also, look up other videos and articles to help you better understand the concepts.
Sometimes you might not be understanding a concept because of how it is explained. But if you seek out a different explanation it might make more sense.

Lastly, it is important to remember that learning how to code is tough. It is a different type of thinking that you will get used to overtime but it will take practice.

There is a really popular course on Coursera on tips on how to learn effectively

I would suggest having an order to your learning. That is why freeCodeCamp is really good because it provides an order for you to follow.
I would suggest following the fcc learning path and start learning HTML and CSS, then JavaScript, then front end libraries, then relational databases, etc.
Building the projects after the certifications will help you practice what you have learned.

Following a path will provide more structure to your learning

Hope that helps! :+1:


Hi, I’m also a beginner in the subject. I’ve been following the steps to learn Javascript on Free Code Camp for a month now, and what I’ve noticed is that there is no solid theory, in the sense that the best way to learn programming is to set up a project and try to figure out how to do it. In challenges, especially the more difficult ones, I struggle with suggestions because many times I get stuck for something stupid, while other times, I go off track. One piece of advice I feel like giving is to do things slowly and sometimes, going on YouTube and seeing projects that other users have done, turns out to be very helpful. The reality behind a company I don’t know how it turns out to be, but I hope that these certifications can provide a job outlet, and if there is a company that is interested, they will give us a crash course on their interest in Java. I hope I’ve been useful :wink:

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