Advice pleas!i cant slove them easyly

hi guys .sorry for my bad english firstly.before january 20,2019 ı never dıd code or wrıte code .after this date , i began with codecacademy.and some other books .now ,ı am at here for 2-3 weeks and ı got the responsıve web design certificate .now , ı completed the javascript basic algorithms .I made all challanges tıll the object oriantated programmıng .ı understand everything till this part. but ı cant solve all of the algoritms easyly…ı feel miserable … are there anyone who feels like me??

It takes years to master coding, and some parts are harder than others. OOP in javascript is just weird compared to other languages, so this part is definitely a lot harder than the others. If you’ve only been programming for a few weeks, then you’re a very fast learner indeed, so don’t feel too discouraged – you’re doing better than most people! :smile:

They are not easy, it is normal that you need some effort to solve them! But I assure you that if you tried 2 months ago you would have had a far different result, so rejoice in what you can do now and keep practicing
Failing is part of the learning process, if you don’t find hard things on your way you are not learning
Just keep going and keep trying

Thanks a lot. Actually ı have to ımmedıately fınd a job. I had to change my lıfe. So ı am here. Because ı am marrıed and have a daughter. I thought that ıf ı can get front end lıbrarıes certıfıcate maybe ıt wıll be helpful. Also ı am takıng a udemy course from colt steele. I hope we wıll get a good job. !