I am just embarrassed!

Since I started doing JavaScript challenges I felt disappointed. I think I’m not being honest to myself because I’m just relying on the hints and answers. JS was easy at the beginning! But now is getting harder, I am feeling sad and useless because of my lack of honesty.

Hi @Mikael3211 !

Most people have been in your position and have struggled with the javascript section, including myself.
Learning your first programming languages is tough because there are a lot of things to cover.

My advice would be to supplement the fcc lessons with other outside resources to help you understand the concepts better.


Done that, been there. What helped was to use pen and paper to explain to myself how I would break down the problem. Then even if I needed the hints, I knew it was to help with the manipulation of the language, not the logic. Both skills will come with practice. I decided to redo all the exercices three times because by the end, even though I relied for some of them on my memory, my brain was getting the hang on the logic and the manipulation of the language. I swear it will come. And even when it has come, there will still be times when you google how to use slice and splice and every and other basic JS functions. Don’t be hard on yourself, do pomodoros and go for short walks to think about the logic of whatever drives you nuts. Good luck!


Working isn’t an exam. You don’t need to memorize everything. I know a doctor that sometimes googles things. And it is a good doctor.


You are right @marie.rodiet . Sometimes I just desperate because I thought that I’m not being honest to myself just looking at hints or answers, but I’m pretty sure I will master everything in JS. Thanks a bunch for you comment here.

Yes, I agree @Tantalus .

Another thing is time. Some problems need your brain to organise new knowledge.
Sometimes i tried to solve single problem for 4 hours.
After I had a good nap it was done in 15 minutes.

Coding (for me) is not something that can be forced. I can’t say “Okay, I will do it!” and do it. If I can’t code something I learn, watch tutorials and come back a day/week/month later.


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