Need feedback -- going back over Javascript Challeges

I took a week away from FCC to de-stress. This time I wish to return to what I’ve learned and actually pay attention and go a bit slower instead of brute forcing my way through every lesson.

I was also stressing myself out (anxiety about my career in IT + crap job + living in the hood + useless degree = panic attacks) to do as much as possible and telling myself not to leave my chair until I finished a challenge. And with the final assignments on me, it’s very hard to get anything else done.


Do you need help going over the challenges?

Because I can help with the basics but anything including ES6 and up I am doing myself so I would not be much help.

But like I said, I can help give feedback on all the basics, except for the recursive algorithm questions.

@aquamanly I think it’s really normal to be stressed and feeling the pressure. I definitely did that to myself when I decided to quit my job to attempt to pursue software full time. Everyone learns at their own pace so don’t worry if you go slower. I think it’s a very good idea to go back and refresh yourself on the previous lesson. I’ll go even further to say to try to complete the challenges without looking at any hints at all and try not to reference any external material just to push yourself (but not to the degree of panic attacks please). One step at a time and remember, some progress is still progress and don’t compare yourself to anyone. Just learn something new everyday and one day you’ll look back and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.

If you need any help with the JS challenges, of course post them here or you can reach out to me for help :+1:

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Wait… people get their certs with using the hints and solutions just to press onwards? Thats not cheating?

well, you could not do the challenges at all
the only thing that needs to be completed are the projects , everything else is completely optional


Wait… people get their certs with using the hints and solutions just to press onwards? Thats not cheating?

Well, no one is stopping anyone from rushing through all the challenges and just using the hints to get the cert at the end of the day. If they aren’t familiar with the fundamentals, they won’t be able to get through a job interview anyway.