JavaScript Challenges

I currently just finished the Introduction to JavaScript part of the fCC curriculum.

I’m done with the challenges within that part of the curriculum as well.

I’m wondering if anyone could give me similar practice challenges. I especially had a hard time with the Record Collection challenge, which made me think I’m not ready for the next part of the curriculum.

So I want to practice more to build confidence and experience before moving forward.

Thanks in advance.

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@Rshd.S.Chwdhry I have one question for you. Did you solve all of these challenges with your own code and without “peeking” at other solutions? You should be honest with yourself on this one. If you had to peak, that means you could just go back and reset each challenge and start from scratch to see if you can solve them by yourself.

If you did solve all of them without any assistance, then my advice is to keep moving forward in the curriculum. There will be plenty more challenges and practice makes perfect.

Or if you want other algorithms to solve, check websites like codewars, or the job prep section at the end of the fcc curriculum

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Hi @RandellDawson, I only did that with the Record Collection. I was able to solve the others without going to the hint section.

Even after looking at the answer for that challenge, I still wasn’t able to understand the solution immediately. I think, it took me about a whole day, just to figure out everything. But that really bothered me, so I’m thinking of maybe doing more challenges before moving to ES6.

Hi @ilenia, thank you for telling me about Codewars. I think some of the questions are too advanced for me, but I think that’s a good place to practice.

Some algorithms there are too advance for a lot of people, but if you start with the low level algorithms (Things like “count the “true” in an arry”) you can practice a lot, and at worst you learn new things - you can skip algorithms, don’t have to solve everything that comes your way

Good Decision. Carry on. Best of Luck.