Record Collection too hard

I am COMPLETELY new to programming and have started doing the Basic JS lessons here. My only previous experience is a short course on Khan academy which i got stuck on. Beginning to think already that I am not up to this.

Anyone else finding Record Collection ridiculously hard. How on earth are you supposed to do this with the knowledge gained thus far? The lessons are mostly fine but this is about the third challenge that i will have to resort to youtube videos to find the solution.

It is very disheartening to keep coming up against ‘impossible’ challenges. Anyone fine the same or am I just a bit dim?

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It’s pretty common to need to go back and look things up while you work on some of the more challenging challenges. Solving problems with code is hard and sticking points for everyone are different. Rather than looking up code to duplicate, I’d recommend starting on your own and asking questions of us lovely folks here on the forum when you get stuck. Struggling means you are learning.

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Thank you for your supportive words of encouragement. I guess you knowledgeable guys with a lot of experience can understand better than anyone how frustrating and slow the progress can feel at times.
Thanks again I shall try and work my way through it rather that watch a tutorial with the answers.

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Just remember, if you hit snags, we’re here to help : )

This seems to cause more issues than any other single challenge (the newly-added recursion ones are probably causing more problems for learners as of now, but overall). I totally understand why you’re having issues.

But [imo] it’s the first challenge that really asks a learner to apply what they’ve been taught to a problem that is effectively what they would commonly be doing in real life. It is [again, imo] covers an absolute basic programming problem that you need to be able to manage – up to that point you basically get spoon-fed things one concept at a time. It doesn’t help you now, but being able to solve this should be a baseline; once you’ve cracked it, it should make you more confident on other tasks.

  • it does not ask the learner to use anything they haven’t been taught, although
  • if they research, there are a few minor methods that may be helpful that they haven’t been taught, but
  • there is only really one way to do the challenge, and
  • the challenge description can be translated directly to JS code (if/else conditions), although
  • reordering the conditions will make it simpler.
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