I need help with challenge Basic Javascript: Record Collection

I’m having a lot of trouble with the first section of javascript. When I didn’t get some of the challenges in would get the spoiler from the hints and fill in the solution to move on but, then I couldn’t catch up afterwards and it got more and more complicated. So I went back to the beginning and attempted all of the challenges again while simultaneously writing my own notepad document in my own words what I was learning. Everything seemed to be going well until I made it to the bit on objects and I hit a real road block at the record collection challenge.

I feel like the challenge really upped the difficulty curve. I attempted writing my own pseudo code in another notepad document but I was only able to match the first line of the provided solution, and then hit the wall. I figured if I looked at the solution again, I might be able to explain it to myself but to no avail.

Again, with the curve, I haven’t seen a nested if statements before without an else or else if right after. I didn’t know how to recite the logic of the code to myself. Every challenge before I could explain in words whats happening. Could anyone recommend something a bit more slower paced when it comes to the learning curve??? I just lack the intuition that I need to see everything in order to break it down for now. I need it explained simpler. I’m 3 weeks in to FCC.

A lot of the alogirthms lean heavily on using built-in array and string methods as well as loops. If you do not have a firm grasp of these, it’s going to be difficult. You can review the array and string methods here…


Next, know that reviewing the answers is actually extremely valuable if you’re totally stuck. When I did my first algorithm, it was on HackerRank and I had NO IDEA what to do. Only after reviewing the answer, did I even learn about string/array methods. Now, my JS instruction came from Codecademy before coming to FCC, and this was on the old curriculum.

Lastly, if you’re stuck, walk away. Sometimes when I was working through the algorithms, I would burn through a few very quickly, and then get stuck. That’s when it is time to walk away, but don’t stop thinking. If you have a break in your day, waiting around, review the idea in your head. When you’re back in front of the computer, give it a go.

If there’s some concept that you’re struggling with more or in particular, please elaborate so I can help more.

If you need more practice with algorithms you can try the site codewars
I could even suggest Khan Academy, the coding lessons there are slower and more visual.
You can try reading the “you don’t know JavaScript” book series (free online)
The freecodecamp YouTube channel with many hours of tutorials

At the end the only thing that can make you get better is practice. So, fail, try again, fail harder, try again.
Solve a coding challenge, and solve it again, explore the documentation to learn new ways to do the same things, and keep learning.
Practice is the only way to develop the logic needed to solve the algorithms, all the rest is there to help you in case concepts are not clear, and the documentation (Mozilla developers network is a good place) is there to read on the syntax if you don’t remember it.

If you feel slumped you can take a computer science course, the Harvard one is good and is available in a few places on the Internet, right now it is also on freecodecamp YouTube channel. It will help with learning how everything works.

Still. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Thank you.

I was pretty flustered when I wrote the post. I put in a longer day of study than usual, and with repeating the course up to that point, I kind if assumed that I would have come to a better understanding.

Once I had a good nights sleep and went back to it again, I went slowly through the solution, line by line, and referenced back to the challenge objectives and the object structures and was able to finally make sense out of it.

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You are right, I should start adding “rest” and “take a break”…