Other websites to do more JS challenges

Is there other websites that have challenges like the ones in the
" Basic Algorithm Scripting" and “Intermediate Algorithm Scripting” in the JavaScript section in freecodecamp where there is a task and you should solve it with JavaScript?
I want to improve my JS skills by solving more challenges.

Try https://www.codewars.com/
Challenges are written by users and you can also write your own.
The easiest challenges are 8kyu and the hardest are 1kyu.
You accumulate points and rank up the more you complete.
It’s a great platform for algorithms.

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

Like @mike.tandy.1 suggested, CodeWars is a good platform for algorithm practise. However, I want to emphasise that there is a lot more to JavaScript than solely algorithms. I encourage you to practise the algorithms along-side other work, such as continuing through the freeCodeCamp curriculum. :slight_smile:


I am doing the FCC JS projects and I will continue to learn through the curriculum because I love FCC. Codewars is helpful thank you guys.

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