A few Questions about the curiculum

I am having trouble with the Basic Algo scripting in the JS certificate in the curriculum. I have to look at the hints always in this module
What do you think I am doing wrong
Should I do look at the earlier sections again?
Should I practice more?
Before continuing to the next section?

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Sincerely. The first time I tried to solve algorithms, I was lost. The solution is always to practice and think before you start coding. First, you should have a clear idea of ​​your solution, and then you should ask yourself how you are going to store (arrays, objects) and process your data. I suggest you to try some easy challenges from other websites, scale the difficulty and then come back and try to solve FCC’s challenges.

Stay calm, keep coding.

These things certainly take time & repetition, so don’t get too concerned that it doesn’t click right away.

Here’s a relevant thread (especially if you’re looking for more practice):