Basic Algorithm Scripting

I am going through the basic Algorithm Scripting now and it’s taking forever. Anyone else feel this way.

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yes, but don’t forget about the wiki. There are a lot of things in it that can help you out :slight_smile:

Just try and avoid ‘peeking’ at the spoilers


There’s a lot of ground to cover there and most (maybe all) is unfamiliar to you. It makes perfect sense for it to be slow going. :slight_smile:


Yes, just a few weeks ago actually I was in the same position. I went away, read a couple of books on JS, went through the Codecademy course, and practised on a few (very simple) problems on CodeWars. Coming back to it now, it’s starting to fall into place a little better. I think that extra practise of the basics + getting explanations from different sources has helped me approach the problems with more confidence. So don’t be discouraged, and keep working at it. :relaxed:


Ya I also guess what you mean by it takes forever? It also depends on your past experience. Because of that everyone is going to be different. If you average it out, according to the map provided it should take you at most roughly 3 hours per challenge(50 hours total).

Looking at my profile it took me about 16~20 hours to do them all. But I also have had past experience in programming, so getting into the “programmer mindset” was a bit easier. I also coincidentally did some of challenges before in other languages so I had the general outline of the solution in the back of my head.

Struggle is also natural. I’ve been doing the intermediate algorithm challenges and I really struggle hard with some of them. So far though I have felt the struggle has paid off, because I usually come out of the challenge with a lot more knowledge.

I haven’t cheated at all and I am getting it done. It just takes some time to get it all done. I am doing ok. I do have some C C++ coding, so I do have some idea of whats going on. I also completed all the Code academy JS course about 5 year ago. I ll get there, it will just take me time.

I can relate to everyone here. I am on the last challenge in this set and so close to a solution. I had some previous knowledge of programming before fcc but had been away for a while so the algorithm challenges have helped me the most so far in re-sharpening my skills. Great practice.

I totally agree with you. You should take the codecademy course on JS and there after read a good data structure & algorithm book. It would become a cake walk for you.

while studying data structure & algorithm you would notice most of the exercise questions there are used a teaching points on some key concept.

Ugh, yes…I actually completed the Basic Algorithm Scripting like months ago. I’m up to the weather app…But I wanted to try to do some algorithms on HackerRank, codewars, coderbyte…and I was stuck…So, I’m going to review the JS course material on FCC and re-do the algorithms before continuing on my projects…

I made my way to “Title Case a Sentence”, and my code me does what instruction ask for, but it won’t let move to the next topic. Does anyone know why? Or what do i need to do to get pass this?

Im stuck on first task someone please help :anguished:

I am also doing Basic Algorythm Scripting, now I am coding Title Case a Sentence…I want to finish 2 challenges there every day. I recommend you to go to and if you don’t understand some topic, for example: for loops, so re-learn it on and freeCodeCamp Basic JavaScript challenge. If every challenge will take you max. 3 hours ( 3 hours of solving that challenge, no re-learning some topic from earlier), it means “everything is ok, bro”.

Happy Coding, Lukáš Hanák, Czech Republic.

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