Finally got my JS certification

My JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification

I’m proud of this certification. It took me about 3 days to finish all those 5 projects.

I’ve say that as much as I’m proud of sharing this with you guys, nothing beats the satisfaction of crushing the challenge. That’s what keeps us going, right.

Onto the next module in the curriculum.


Congratulations :sunny:

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Congratulation! :clap:

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Are you kidding me? Just 3 days? That’s amazing achievement!

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I think he needed 3 days to finish 5 projects, not the entire JS curriculum.

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Even if it’s the JS 5 projects, it is ridiculously hard and have heard that a good number of people took a long time to complete it. Which is why I found this guy’s achievement amazing.

Everyone should remember not to compare their progress to others’. We all come to the experience with different backgrounds, knowledge, resources, and support.


Finally, after spending more than 20 hours on the 5th project, I have just completed it and completed the JS certification :joy: For me, the 5th project is a challenge. I had a hard time figuring out the algorithm without any help. I had my CS degree 10 years ago and have been working full time (mostly PHP) ever since. So if you find it too difficult to handle the fifth project, don’t give up or blame yourself. Instead, ask for help from other members. I hope you will complete JS certification just like me.

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