Responsive Web Design Certificate earned

Hi All

So I’ve finally made it. I got my Responsive Web Design Certificate and hope to get more though. I look forward to get an internship sooner so that at least by the time I have other certificates I will be having a bit of some hands-on experience.


Congrats! Just got mine as well. Looking at the other many topics in the curriculum lets me know this is just the beginning.

Wish you all the best in your journey!


Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on completing the first section.

Have fun with JavaScript!

Thanx @jwilkins.oboe

It seems Java is quite challenging but am already 23 lessons in…

…and how about you?


Congrats on your first Certification.

Never Give up in any section, Just keep going until you reach your goal.

Good luck

careful, Java and JavaScript are two pretty different programming languages, it’s important to know for when you need help and google stuff

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Thanx a zill @codely, I never give up but got to admit that Javascript Algorithms is quite challenging.

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Yes. it is quite hard.
That is why the forum is there.
Feel free to ask any doubts.

The algorithm sections can be a little hard at first. But remember that these questions like Reverse a string, chunky monkey and fibonacci have more than one way to solve them. Just take your time.

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Will do and thank you for the courage-building