I got my Responsive Web Design Certificate!

Thank you freeCodeCamp. And to all of you campers who had questions and solutions in this frustrating but rewarding learning experience. https://freecodecamp.org/certification/mbongi/responsive-web-design

Now is time for another mountain to climb. JAVASCRIPT!


HI @Mbongi !

Welcome to the forum!

Congrats on completing the first certification!

Good luck on JavaScript!

Congrats, dont let JavaScript intimidate you, when it gets tough hang in there, you will eventually get comfortable with it. All the best.


I just started JS last week too, get ready to be frustrated :crazy_face: :rofl:
This one is a different type of beast especially for beginners :sob:
But as they say winners are those that get whooped and keep coming back for ass whoopin, or how does the saying go?? You get the point tho haha… congrats man

to get even better, you may want to post your projects in #project-feedback so you can get some feedback on how to improve them

if you share your certificate, the project links are there, don’t you want them to be as best as possible?

Hi campers, thank you for your encouragements. Here are the links to the Responsive Web Design certificate: #project-feedback

Build a Tribute Page: https://codepen.io/Mbongzz/pen/abmgVwW

Build a Survey Form: https://codepen.io/Mbongzz/pen/rNMXNLO

Build a Product Landing Page: https://codepen.io/Mbongzz/pen/MWbgryy

Build a Technical Documentation Page: https://codepen.io/Mbongzz/pen/ExNxQod

Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage: https://codepen.io/Mbongzz/pen/JjbJveK

#project-feedback is one of the categories of this forum, you will get more feedback if you create a topic there

@ieahleen Thank you.