Responsive Web Design certificate done!

Hi there!

I’m really happy, I’ve just finished my first freeCodeCamp’s certificate!

If you’d like, you can see my personal portfolio in codepen, in wich you’ll find the links to the other projects.

Many thanks to the community and happy coding!


Congratulations! I’m close to finishing mine too, one more project to go!

FYI, your Portfolio looks really good!

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Thank you! Courage and happy coding!

Congrats! Your portfolio looks stunning. I took a look around your other projects too - your product landing page was my favourite, though they’re all very good. Thanks for sharing. I’ve just finished my tribute page and am working on my form but hopefully when I’m done I’ll be able to make something as slick as yours.

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Thanks James! You’ll learn a lot by seeking and doing. I’m sure you’re going to do great projects.

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Hope you are well! :slight_smile:

How long has it taken to you to finish all the projects to get the certificate?

@antalmega Bravo on completing the certificate! Your portfolio page looks great, very well done. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures up next!

I don’t really know. I started on may 2017, but after doing my first project, tribute page, I stopped because I wanted to feel more comfortable with coding. I was starting from zero, so I wanted to have some practice, did some courses, read a lot and learn about CS. Last August I restarted with freeCodeCamp and enjoyed a lot doing the remaining projects. At the same time I did JavaScript and started with React. I feel myself more comfortable reading, learning and doing challenges.

Thanks @LisaLoop!

I’m already completing the JavaScript. Only two last projects to be done :blush:

Hey how are you please help me am stuck am doing the first project i have passed and created a codepen account how then do i get an URl. error on my css its saying inconsistant indendation please help how do i go about it

Well-done! Your portfolio looks beautiful alongside your projects!