YEAH! Finally Got the Responsive Web Design Certificate!


Honestly, the lessons were super easy while the projects took 2 or 3 times as much time to complete but after all, it was all worth it. I finally got my very first certificate from fcc. Thank you FCC team so much for creating this website.

After 2 more certificates and several courses outside FCC, I’m gonna apply for a job. By the way, I already got a job offer from one of the local companies but I rejected it as it was mostly back-end. I would have to do a ton of PHP which I’m not that into. Anyways, once again, thank you FCC guys!


Congrats!! man:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Thank you very much)))

how long did it take you?

somewhere around 200 hours, not 300

How did you know whenever you passed the project our not? And what you did need to alter? I did already ask on forum then when it seemed okay i submited but still no reaction whatsover

There is a javascript code that you can put in your index.html code and test. It will show you several things to get a check on. most of them are just divs. Honestly, my last project which was a portfolio, it passes the test 99% not 100% and I didn’t fix it b/c i knew where the problem was and fixing it was messing up portfolio sit.

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That sounds usseful where do i find this JS code? I only learned html/css so far XD

you can find it in the project description. I’ll send you the link and the code itself … one sec…
aaaand the code… you better place this code in the body right before the closing body tag (/body)

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it turns out, i can’t place the code here, so you can just click the link and copy/paste the code into your html

Thanks so much. This is really one big help :3