Finally Got My Responsive Web Design Certificate

Hello campers, how are you all? I hope you all are doing good and code every day…

by the way guys I have received my fcc’s Responsive Web Design Certificate :smile::smile:

This journey was not so easy, but at the end, the certificate with my name on it, i forgot my every pain.
I have learned a lot during this journey, and very excited to learn new cool stuff
All the very best to all who have just started their FCC journey or coding journey…


Congratulations naveen. How long did it take you? I just finished my tribute page - 4 more to go for the certificate. Not really sure how long I have been at it. Been at least 40 days.

Nice ,congratulations ,i just started and am about halfway with the html and html 5 intro

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Hi Naveen! Congratulations! After I completed all my tasks, I just had to go into settings and agree to the honesty policy and then I got my certificate too.

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Same here… about 40 days in and on average I spend 2hrs a day learning something coding/computer science related (I should probably track this more accurately). I am still working on the last 3 projects.

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Hi Naveen

When you submit the projects. does someone have to approved them after submission

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hey @dwomackjr no after submitting the project no one will approve your submission, you just have to create your according to the user stories and you are good to go, and sorry for the late reply.

hey @Don-E-S it takes me almost 4 months and then finally i got my certificate, just be consistent with your work, sooner or later you will get your certification, and believe me this is the best feeling you can ever imagine, all the best

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thanks a lot and hey all the best i am replying to you after more then 2 months sorry for that and all the best

@royy keep up the good work and do not forget to share your project with all of us, all the best

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hi @Murrium123 thanks a lot and congratulation to you too

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thanks naveen. I have so many projects going it’s hard to stay focused on just one until completed, but have to do so or get nowhere…

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Just got my first certificate here too. Feels good to have finished something The knowledge gained from completing the cert far outweighs the actual value of the cert.

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that’s the spirit, best of luck :grinning::grinning:

congratulations and keep doing the good work :smile::smile:

I can’t believe I have it too! It’s been hard working, a lot of new things but I am so determined to get a developer job that I kept going at it everyday! No time to sleep!

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congratulations and all the best for the future projects

you are too slow brother i have completed my all projects within 10 days with protfolio page remaining i will do it today

what’s your update on getting a job?? are you already working somewhere or almost close??