Got my first certification (JavaScript) in less than a month at 15!

so that’s my (pretty short) journey.
started at september 7th, while having online high school, I didn’t know a single line of code then, I completed basic HTML and basic CSS, but really wanted JS because everyone at the school’s programming class learned JS and i was in engineering/electronics so I didn’t learn a lot of lines of code. from then that’s all what i did in school time, FCC, FCC and some rest.
That’s my new passion, I love it and hope i’ll do it my whole life, now I’m gonna come back to web design, wish me luck! :smiley:
BTW how hard is JavaScript compared to the rest of the curriculm? I know you can’t just compare different languages but from your experience. and what level are the challenges here if you want to get a good job at the end, what courses to take next etc.
Thank you FCC team for building this AMAZING cite and thanks a lot to the FCC community for being so caring and helping (helped me with a little issue with my cash register).
Thank you all!


Hey @harel_avv! Good to know that you got your JavaScript certification! Wish you a good luck ahead! Don’t forget to come to this little community if you have any problems :blush:

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Brilliant work. It definitely took me longer than that.

I am currently working on my Frameworks and Libraries -React section and I dont think its more ‘difficult’ than JS but it takes times to be familiar with whats going on especially becoming self sufficient during the projects.

I am confident that you will breeze through it but don’t despair if you meet some bumps. Its normal. It takes as long as it takes and thats ok.

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Awesome job, keep going!

If I’m not mistaken, the following certifications are all 100% in JavaScript: JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures, Front End Libraries, Data Visualization, APIs and Microservices, and Quality Assurance.

So you won’t necessarily have to learn any other language to complete the FCC curriculum. Unless you also wanna do the Python certifications.

As far as other courses go, I’m currently doing CS50 and it’s great! It’s not specifically on web development but on programming fundamentals and computer science. Very challenging but you learn a lot.