How to beat the javaScript course FCC

I joined freecodecamp last year September, and I have earned one certificate so far. You may have guessed, the Responsive Web Design certificate, now called Legacy RWD. I am completely on my own all through the journey up till now. I am not really familiar with the forum, of course, I am happy I do now. This post is for beginners like me and I would like my senior colleagues to make contributions as well.

I have completed three out of my Javascript certification projects, two more to earn the certificate and I can tell that Javascript certification is way more difficult than the RWD certification. I am going to detail my experience so far in this post.

I started my JS course last year December, and to be honest, it wasn’t easy at all. I was completely lost. javaScript is a programming language as oppose to HTML and CSS. I had to get familiar with concepts like literals, expressions, statements, strings,
numbers, null and undefined, objects( object literals, arrays, functions, BigInt, Set), control flow(for loops, while loop, if else statements, switch statement) etc.

FCC lessons were quite difficult for me to relate with for a start, in fact, I understood very little of it. I had to fall back to YouTube for beginner’s tutorials on JS. Example includes Per Morgan 7hrs video on JS and some freeCodeCamp’s JS videos as well. Afterwards, I bought an 18hrs introductory video on JS from UDEMY. The guy is really wonderful. Shaun Pauling, he own the netninja on YouTube. After gaining so many basic knowledge from these video tutorials, I downloaded a javaScript textbook online. JavaScript, the Definitive guide by David Flanagan. The first eight chapters took me from a beginner level to a novice level. I understood the language better and got better at writing javaScript codes. Afterwards, I joined codewars where I was able to practice what I have learnt over the months and get a very solid grasp of the foundation. Now I am a 4KYU codewarrior, solved up to a 100 katas including some 4KYU katas as well. One of the reasons I haven’t completed my projects on freeCodeCamp is partly due to addiction to codewars. LOL.

I hope you get my points. And basically, all the while, I did make sure to attend my FCC classes, did my lessons and take my notes. Freecodecamp is the best and it pushes you to learn a lot. Never give up. Just keep practicing and believe me, JS will become a second nature.

Happy coding!

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I’m just starting out with JavaScript, after finishing RWD recently, so it was nice to hear about your experiences and what has helped you. Thank you for sharing! And good luck with finishing the last two projects

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Thank you so much. JS is easy to beat, just hard work and determination. Hoping to seeing you finish the course as well.

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