Struggling with Basic Javascript


I just finished the “basic javascript” section of freecodecamp, but I found it very difficult and not much sank in. I basically got through the questions using context clues and lookking at hints. I’m wondering if:

-this is normal, and I should just keep progressing through the course and things will make sense
-I should stop here and find alternate sources to learn javascript basics before I move on.

My intent was to go through the entire freecodecamp curriculum but I dont want to put in all that time and not absorb everything. for context, Ive been through the responsive web design certification and found it quite easy, but now im off the rails.

Thank you!

Hey there,

I suggest checking out

Here’s a reddit thread with some info, where I originally found out about watchandcode:

The free material ‘Practical Javascript’ does an amazing job of going through JS fundamentals. I completed the free material and am about 25% through the premium material.

I’ve gone through most of the FCC Javascript and other resources including a full-stack bootcamp and would strongly recommend watchandcode for any new beginner or person looking for a JS knowledge refresh.

Keep at it!

Yup, its normal… I went through it and read a lot of other people going through the same thing. I believe that it was between beginner and intermediate that I went and did the codecademy javascript course. It helped me with understanding more what I did in the beginner section, but dont get me wrong, intermediate was still a struggle, and I took about a 4 month break before getting through the advanced challenges because I just coudlnt take it anymore. It really kicked my butt. But…you are gaining knowledge every step of the way as you struggle through it.

But yeah, this stuff is not easy…totally normal what you are going through.

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That honestly helps. I was (am) really doubting myself, but I will power through.