I am a fresher to coding

I have reached somewhere that I can not go any further, even if I go it takes me a lot of time to figure out the specific challenge, sometimes with the help of google (I want to learn so I feel so bad when it comes the issue of searching google for solutions), I am really getting frustrated and annoyed because every thing seems to be very new and hard to me to the extent that I feel like to give up, though I am not going to. Campers what can I do in order to make things at least not too much hard for me?
I am done with HTML 5, but JavaScript seems to be a mess.
Any advice please, will be appreciated

(My english is not too good,but I think anyone can get what I say well)

This is completely normal. Don’t give up. From my experience joining you have to go through a ton of outside resources to complete some of the challenges on here. I have done code academy. javascript for kids and plenty of youtube tutorials. Just remind yourself to do it everyday and you will get better. The community here is very useful so never hesitate to reach out.

It’s normal to get frustrated. Everyone has difficulties and they are different for everyone. But everyone that keeps working will learn and improve.

If there is a specific thing in JavaScript that is confusing, don’t be afraid to ask the forum.

Don’t feel bad while searching on Google for answers. Every programmer does so once in a while. It’s rather a skill to search for answers on Google with an apt query. Not every fresher is capable of doing it. So relax my friend, you are doing good.

You have to understand that freeCodeCamp(FCC) is not designed as a typical bootcamp. It provides you an overview of important topics with a few simple exercises. You will ace it with little to no effort. Before you think these exercises were too mundane, you will find yourself in a ditch of complex problems (read exercises) and you have to get out of it on your own. That’s the beauty.

Believe me, it’s hard and every learner has to go through this phase sooner or later. IMHO, it’s better to pull your hair for 5 days while solving a complex exercise than acing simple exercises. In the process, you learn a lot of concepts, hacks and tricks. And that makes you a better developer. But before all that, you need to have a solid command on the basics, be it any technology.

In case of JavaScript, you need to go through a couple of hardcore tutorials. I am not a big fan of books as it is more suited to those who really want to go deep and that’s not what a novice needs. You need a hands-on approach. I am providing you some resources that really helped me during learning Web Development

  • JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - This is the best in-depth tutorial on JavaScript. There are other tutorials which are great but none comes close to this one. You can watch the first 3.5 hours of this course on YouTube. Here’s the link: JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts - The First 3.5 Hours

  • Subscribe to Traversy Media on YouTube. Check out his HTML/CSS and JavaScript playlist. Code along with him while watching the tutorials. The best thing about his tutorials is that it starts from total scratch while making sure you understand every bit of what he says.

I am not going to populate your mind with a lot of courses. That won’t help.
Clear you concepts first and then move on to the next challenge. Remember that when you do the same stuff time and again, you will remember it. That’s what muscle memory is. Code everyday. And yes, do help other campers with whatever knowledge you have at the moment. That’s another clever hack to check your concepts, even if you have to google the query.

All the best.

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No shame in googling for help as long as you learn from it. There are a LOT of resources and snippets of code you can take from online and apply it to your programs. Keep at it, and the forums are always really helpful to ask if you have questions. Good luck!

Thanks to all of you guys for your views. i will try my best to keeping codding