Remembering And Applying FreeCodeCamp

Hi guys, hope you’re all doing well.

I’m just getting started on FreeCodeCamp (105 points in so far) having migrated from CodeAcademy, One thing that concerns me is that although I can do the challenges and even explore further into the code with some challenges, my concern is that I’ll get to a page to code from afresh and… forget half of what I’ve done so far, or misremember code and have to stumble over making this web page. Something similar happened with CodeAcademy (but that’s not why I migrated)

My best guess is to repeat the challenges untill all the particular codes are hammered into my head, (and I have been writing some code down in pencil - maybe I should make that a daily thing?) but do you guys have any specific advice for making what I learn in FreeCodeCamp stick? I’ve read a few things regarding this but I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

I’ve experienced similar things, but I can tell you with confidence that the more you challenge yourself to “ingest” all the different built in components of JS and how the DOM interacts with HTML/CSS etc, it will become easier.

If you find yourself running into the same types of problems where you blank out and don’t remember how something was done, bookmark solutions you find with any keywords or phrases or states of mind you found yourself in. Build your own codex of solutions and quirks that are useful.

Additionally, depending on how you learn, it might benefit you to revisit code you’ve already written and try to find alternative solutions to see if you still agree with your earlier, less experienced choices. Some code answers are very straightforward, and making them do gymnastics isn’t always a good idea. But! If you can objectively look at your old code and say, “Hmm… I can make this better. Here’s why.” – that is a good sign you are learning.

Keep at it, one day at a time! :slight_smile:

We get questions like this often. The best advice is to just keep coding. For me I was able to blow through the first part of FCC and like you ended up struggling when it came to starting from a blank page. The key for me was not going back and redoing the lessons, but to just keep making new programs until it stuck. However you will never remember everything, so make sure you take notes and find a few good refs. I suggest and


This is your life now. I forgot how to manipulate the DOM in vanilla JavaScript during my last interview because I spent so much time using React. Today I forgot what year it is. Tomorrow I will probably forget who I am. Your memories are casualties in the journey towards being a developer, so maybe start writing a diary and take lots family pictures.


Thanks for the link to DevDocs :thumbsup: