I really hope i can get some answers guys plz :) Thank you!

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I just have a question about JavaScript challenges.
Im currently working on my challenges almost every day, sometimes, a challenge takes 15 min sometimes, 30 min, and sometimes even much more. But i try to keep going and I really im liking it :slight_smile:

But the thing is i have a computer science degree and it has been a very long while now since ive coded and found myself forgetting everything ( Not good) . But I really need to get a job ASAP, and every time i decide to enroll for a job, i get scared and figure that im still not ready.

So I need to khnow something plz.
1)How much JS challenges there are?
2) How can I khnow at what stage im I right now?
3)And after the JS, what’s the next step?
4) Do you think that I can enrol for a Front end job at this stage ( im at my 246 challenge) and keep doing FCC in parralel?

Thank you very much FreeCampCoders :slight_smile:

1&2) There should be a map button at top of the screen where you can see where you are in the curriculum.
3) The front end certificate is all html/css/javascript stuff, the projects take more time than the challenges and involve APIs and stuff.
4) Sure, especially if you have a CS degree already. Why not?

u know ur self better if u think ur not ready then ur not ready but i think u should finish the front-end certification on free code camp iam sure u wont be afraid after that
second thing is its wrong to ask these question about future u have a map on fcc be patient and u will get the job at the end

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Ow, thank you very much for replying :sunny:
For 1)&2) i didnt notice the map. My fault.

well i guess i have to work harder. Cant wait to begin the projects then.
Any ways, thank you again! :slight_smile: