I just received the FCC Responsive Web Design Certificate

Hey Guys! I just received my certificate for Responsive Web Design Certification and have a clearer knowledge on HTML and CSS than I first had when I started. A big thanks to FCC! I could have not done it without ur support and user - friendly courses!


Hi @bhupeshselvanayagam !

Congrats! :partying_face:
Have fun with JavaScript.


Congrats! Just finished mine today as well!


If you are looking to refine your CSS layouts, I would highly recommend https://flexboxfroggy.com/ and https://cssgridgarden.com/ - as well as this video 10 modern layouts in 1 line of CSS - YouTube and this video CSS Grid vs Flexbox - YouTube . I think the first five courses on freeCodeCamp are exceptionally good - compared to what I’ve gotten from other courses, books, and even college - but I haven’t finished the last five courses yet. All that to say, you’re probably on the right track. Good luck!


Congrats!! Check out frontend mentor and try to build projects.


Congrats! :100: 10 more courses are waiting.

I’ve also finished Responsive Web Design in these days.

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Congratulations!! All the best!

@phillipbreland Thanks a lot!

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Thanks you so much! @jwilkins.oboe

Congratulations on finishing the course.

keep Moving. keep learning

FCC is the best platform to start coding !!!

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Congrats! Keep learning :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congratulations!! :tada: Best wishes for your future endeavors. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done Bhupesh. Really great work

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