Completing "ONLY ONE" responsive design project can get you certifications at FCC - a tale to be avoided

All of us, those who have signed up for the freeCodeCamp program, we have one common interest, web (maybe money also haha). But to peruse the dream of being a master in web development, knowing it’s ins and outs, FCC has many interactive challenges and Certificates as bonuses to keep us motivated!

Recently I’ve completed 2 of the first responsive web design projects and submitted them. but out of curiosity I’ve also copied and pasted the same codepen project links as the project links of others tasks…
and since there is no validation of of the submitted projects, I’ve got my Responsive Web Page Design Certificate.

I highly recommend that you work hard and do the projects on your own, even if it sucks. Learning by failing is always better than some free certificates. Remember, these are there for you to motivate you in learning, not validate you.

Happy Coding!

With FCC your mostly on the honor system. You can submit totally fake urls if you want. You’re only hurting yourself.


how do you get the certification,i just completed the projects

Hey @Hamzah98,
Go to settings > make your profile public > accept the academic honesty policy >claim the certificate.
Does that help?