Certificate Projects and the honor system

Hello there,
Recently, I’ve been finishing one or two freeCodeCamp projects, since I’m a full-time developer, I usually don’t spend as much time on the projects and leave it at the bare minimum possible (i.e if pure HTML gets the tests to pass I wouldn’t go much further) with no UI/UX in mind.

I’ve come to understand that naturally, freeCodeCamp doesn’t review these projects and I’m not really required to post it on the forum for review either.

I believe merely getting the tests to pass (considering that I work on a higher level anyway) abides by the freeCodeCamp honor code, but I’d really love a second opinion. Does anyone here think I should do differently?

I’m open to suggestions as I’ve not yet finished off any certificates therefore I can already chnage things.

Hey. I cannot answer your question, but I want to point out that certificates contain links to your relevant projects. That might be an incentive to spruce them up a bit.

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Welcome there,

As far as you have explained, it sounds like you understand the requirements.

I would say this depends on your intentions…

If you intend to share these certificates with someone/anyone, then would you not prefer they looked the part?

If you are doing these projects/lessons as means of getting through the curriculum, and are not particularly interested in improving your styles (designer ability?), then I see no reason to do much else.

What to keep in mind:

  • The point of the lessons is to provide a foundation you can build off of
  • The point of the certification projects is to practice without much hand-holding, and showcase your new-found skills
  • The point of the certificates is mostly just personal milestone
  • The point of freeCodeCamp is free education, and community - if you come away having learnt something, then you are correctly using freeCodeCamp at least in some way

So, why are you doing the Responsive Web Design certification? If you are not needing/wanting to learn from it, then I would have thought to just skip it - personally, I would have not wasted my time on something I was not interested in, or already knew. If this sounds a bit harsh, but I absolutely do not mean it that way

For the most part, you are welcome to use the content however you wish, but it exists to be learnt from. So, up to you :smiley:

Hope this has helped some.


Depends what you want to get out of it. With the responsive web design projects I really pushed myself to make the best site I can.

Most the other projects are good for just making sure you understand the concepts.

I dont think the certificates carry much weight but doing projects is great way to learn the skills covered in the courses.

If you’ve passed the stories with code you wrote and not copied, you’ve earned the certificate.

Going the extra mile can help you get better at coding though.


My whole issue about the projects was the fact that I believed it wasn’t really seen by anyone, therefore there is no point in working on it, so if people can see it through my certificate, it’d be like a little portfolio of the things that I can do!

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Thanks for the extensive and constructive reply!
So for me, the responsive web design certification was more about sharpening what I already knew, I wasn’t not good at Flexbox or the Grid system covered in these courses and I went through the entirety of it just to be sure I got nothing left out.

Then there’s the certificate, I’m not mainly a front-end developer but aspiring to become one, and I thought the freeCodeCamp certificate would be a nice addition to my fresh resume in this field. Now I understand that the projects will probably be the best place for me to show that I know how things work.

So there has been learning, and it continues through, finally getting to the units where it takes pulling hair out to pass :joy:

Thank you again for the extensive explanation, Cheers!

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I think you’re right, these responses have helped me come to a better understanding of what FCC is about, maybe I wouldn’t have taken the course the way I did if I had the current mindset a few months back.

Fortunately for me, I read the FCC Academic Honesty Code before I reached any projects (not sure if that’s the default), so I was sure what simple HTML I wrote was my own. :grin:

Thank you for your reply!

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