Do my solutions matter if I show my FreeCodeCamp certification in an online curriculum?

Hi all,

I’m currently going through the courses of FreeCodeCamp and finding them great!

I plan on doing all the courses, though I’m not 100% invested into all of the code languages that I will study. I just finished the Responsive Web Design part and I understand that my solutions to the personal projects will be reviewed before I can get the certification. Now, some of my solutions are really barebone, like, I only did what was necessary to pass the automated test because I’m not so interested into coding webpages.
The course was interesting and well done, but I would rather pass on to something else than refine my personal projects for this particular course.

Will this count? Will there be a rating? Would an hypotethical employer be able to see my projects if I link the certification in my Linkedin account, as an example?

Thanks in advance and good coding!

Yes if you link to the certification then anyone can see the projects though I doubt they will have time. Ideally you will create a GitHub account with your work that you want employers to know about and link to that instead.

Thanks for the reply. And what about the evaluation itself? Will there be a rating? Is it recommended to send more refined projects to claim the certification?

There is no mark or rating assigned. You either have done the required tasks or you have not.

Thanks, this is all that I wanted to know.

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