Solutions are not saved in my certification

Hey guys, I just received my first certification about Responsive Web design( here is the link: ).

But the problem is whenever I click the View Solution of my 3rd, 4th and 5th project, I can’t see my own code. What is this problem? How can I fix it? Will is affect my career if I put this certification in my CV?

Hi @lelinhnguyen2109 !

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Maybe you can try resubmitting the links and seeing if it shows up then.

No. The only certificates employers care about are cs degrees.
For self taught developers, a strong portfolio will help you land the job.

Think of these certificates as personal victories :grinning:

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Welcome there,

Did you manage to get this sorted? When I click on the links I see your code - at least what I assume is your code. Have you resubmitted?

Yes the problem solved. I resubmitted my own projects :smiley: . But it’s just pretty sad that the certificate is not really valuable as I first expected as can literally can change my project even after I got the certificate :frowning: I think it should be considered as a personal achievement :frowning:

It’s a personal achievement!
If you were not able to change the links submitted, you could still go to codepen and save again the project.
And if where you were hosting your projects would not work anymore, wouldn’t you want to be able to resubmit different links?

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to discourage you.

As I mentioned earlier, the certificates can be looked at as personal victories.
Take the skills you learned in FCC and build a rockstar portfolio to help you land the job :grinning:

Don’t worry though, I still study FCC as it’s a very good source for me to learn XD

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