Certification problems

Hi everyone

i’m new to the community and i went to codepen and submitted my Html and Css codes

but after that i went to claim my certification in " Responsive Web Design "

and i got 100% and had my Cert.

i do not know How

after that i did the same for “Front End Libraries” and “Data Visualization” Although I do not know anything about them, I obtained the two certificates.

Is this normal or i did something wrong


Welcome, abdelr.

Could you be more specific what you are talking about?

  1. Have you completed all the Responsive Web Design projects?
  2. Have you submitted all of the appropriate links to the projects?
  3. Are you just submitting the same link into all of the solution boxes in the Front End Libraries and Data Visualisation project sections?

yes i submitted the same link into all of the solution boxes for the 3 parts i mentioned and they have been accepted as 100% success but they were just about html and css i just learned

The submission of the links are not tested in any way. So, that is exactly what is expected to happen.

That being said, in order to claim a certificate, you need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge. Also, once you have claimed a certificate, the links you submitted are checked, and, if they are deemed to be either plagiarised or a false submission, then your certificates will be revoked, and further action may be taken.

So, I sincerely suggest you resubmit any false links with actual projects.

Ok i got it , but i thought it will be tested that’s why i submitted it

But last thing, there is a way to test my code right ?

If you have followed the instructions on any of the project pages, you will see this:

You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen. Or you can use this CDN link to run the tests in any environment you like: https://cdn.freecodecamp.org/testable-projects-fcc/v1/bundle.js .

The idea with the certification projects is that you will build the project, at least until it passes the all of the relevant tests, then you would submit it to the relevant solution box. You do the testing, and, at some point after collecting your certificate, someone moderates the submissions to ensure no cheating has taken place.

Thanks you , i’ll fix that