Help please in finalizing the first project

Hello ! I would really need your help, as I am new in coding :slight_smile:

I took the first module, for Responsive Web Design, and I have submitted the 5 projects, but with no success in achieving the responsive web certification. I would like to know how can I check if all the necessary objectives were completed in each project , or if I somehow missed one of them. I only find out how can I analyze in general the HTML code within Code Pen, but I wanted to know if there is a way to check if all the objectives were or not checked. Thank you!

You need to go to your account settings to claim your certificate. Before you can do so, you also need to agree to the Academy Honesty Pledge.

To make your certificate appear in your profile, you need to have your profile, your timeline and your certificates set to public. If you want your name to appear on your certificate you also need to have your name set to public.

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Thank you for your answer!
I have checked this, but noticed the following mention:
" ## freeCodeCamp Certifications

No certifications have been earned under the current curriculum"

I think that it might be that my projects were not completed all the necessary objectives. Do I have the possibility to check somehow what do I need to correct in my projects?
Thank you so much once again for your feedback!

Oh! I have just managed to finalize! Thank you once again!

the test suite inside your project should tell you if you have completed all objectives or not

you can also open a thread in #project-feedback for feedback on your projects


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