Completed certification isn't recorded

I completed the HTML course, got certification, it appeared in my profile, and the next page was a CSS course. I took a week off, got on to start the CSS course, only to find out that my current challenge is again an HTML page I have done before, and that there is no certification in my profile. How comes? Please fix that. I had to repeat pages in the HTML several times, being thrown back. But I thought that at least once the certification was completed, the profile information would remain stable. It’s impossible to go through the program this way.

Please help.

the certification is earned after completing the 5 projects at the end of the Responsive Web Design curriculum, I think what you completed was one of the sections in that certification, there is not something just for html

You can manually select which challenge to do from the list of challenges that you open clicking on the name of the certificate you are doing

Hi again, Ilenia,

Thank you so much for that information. I thought that once the beginner course ends and the second course begins, one earns a certificate for that, and I know I completed 100% of that first course. I was thrown back into a lesson in HTML that I definitely completed before - I have the notes in a notebook. I started from now on to download each solution (as a proof if it happens again). It is not the first time this is happening. Is there a way on my end, or on your end that can be done to prevent that? I save each successful run before I move on, but that doesn’t seem to prevent that from recurring.

Thank you so much,

No, you can’t prevent it, but you can always go to the list of challenges and select the first uncompleted one to do. To open the list of challenges click on the certificate you are working on

Oh, I see. But if the certificate is based on completion of projects, and when I’m thrown back, parts of the code are now erased from the console, what should I do about that?

only the code? or also the completion checkmark? freecodecamp itself doesn’t save the solutions of challenges, only those of the projects required to get the certificates

Thank you. I understand.

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