Completed Courses Have Been Reset?

I was nearly finished with the “Typography” portion of “Responsive Web Design”, when I was kicked to the Curriculum page, and it showed that I had not completed the first nine courses (but all the rest up to 67). If I go to step 67, and complete the task, I get kicked back to the Curriculum page. In addition, previous courses, including the “Certification Project: Survey Form” also shows as not completed when I have been doing the entire “Responsive Web Design” course in chronological order, and logged in to my account.

How do I get my progress back?

Make sure you are logging in with the same account every time. Could it be that you are logging in with two different email addresses?

I only have one account.

Did you clear/wipe your history and/or cookies ? You dont need all cookies enabled you only need to save the ones for freeCodeCamp.

if you had connection issues it could explain why they are not completed. Could you try completing them again?

Of course I could repeat hours worth of work, but if that’s what’s required, I will learn on a platform that doesn’t malfunction.

I don’t see how connection issues could be related if I was able to submit my results for lessons and entire courses.

I did not clear cache, cookies, or history. I had a tab open for the lessons, and would return to the tab each day.

Completion of the practice projects doesn’t matter in term of getting the certificates, the 5 final (or certification) projects are the only ones that are mandatory. You can continue from where you are in the order.

Even the “Certification Projects”?

what about the “certification projects”?

I completed the Survey Certification Project, but (just like the other courses I completed), it displays as not complete. Are you saying that this will not effect certification?

no, you need to complete the Survey Form for the certification

I did complete it. So now what?

You can submit your code again to have the project marked as complete

I guess the real lesson is to write a script that checks your curriculum page for missing completions, and re-submits my answers when your system fails.

there is such a system in place, it works for as long as freecodecamp is open in the browser