Course Progress Reset

Why does my progress keep resetting?

I was 50% through CSS and my browser (Safari) flickered. When I went back to the menu, the course was all unchecked.

This has happened on more than one occasion.

Please advise.

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Are you singed into FCC?

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply.

I am indeed.

Welcome, clovengoof.

Could you please elaborate as best as possible to help us resolve this:

  • You had completed ~50% of the Basic CSS course.
  • Your browser “flickered”…please explain.
  • Now, just the Basic CSS course is marked as uncompleted (0% complete).

Is that correct?

Does this “flickering” occur purely when you are on Or, has your browser done this on another webpage?

Were you busy with any particular challenge, when this occurred?

This happened to me today. I had to re-start Chrome and my progress was missing from freeCodeCamp[.]org/learn. I had worked through all of the lessons for Responsive Web Design and was starting the first project, the Tribute Page. Now…all of my progress shows 0. Any suggestions…? Thank you very much.

I have to make sure: Were you logged into the /learn platform, when you did the challenges? And, are you logged in with the same account now?

Yes. To the best of my understanding … I am logged in with the same account. If I complete the projects, will I still be eligible for the Responsive Web Design certification? Or will I need to re-do all of the lessons? Thank you.

For the certificates, all you need to complete are the projects.

I am unsure why your progress is said to be 0. I will do some searching for similar issues.

One last question: On your profile, does it show any progress on the heat-map, or of when you completed lessons?

Also, I believe it is a known issue if you logged in to FCC with an external account (i.e GitHub), and changed the email you have associated with that external account.

FCC is based on email address, so it would identify you as a new user.

Interesting. I was thinking that may have been the issue, so I logged out and tried logging in via each way possible (except FB…not a FB-er). Everything I tried showed me as new user with 0 status. The heat map shows me with no activity. Bummer…I joined in mid-April with ZERO code experience; I worked through the Responsive Web Design lesson work in 3 weeks; started the first project yesterday and then SPLAT. Reset back to 0.

you have not changed the email address at all, right? in any of those?

you may try writing at for help