Certification for html

I completed the html course including both of the end “create survey” and “tribute” page tests.
I hadn’t logged in since april of this year because i’ve been busy working etc. So I have two questions

  1. Why did all of my progress for the html course get reset even though under my profile page it shows that I have everything completed
  2. Why didn’t I receive the certifications for the html courses since I completed both the tribute page and the survey pages as well as all of the lessons under that course subject?

It’s quite concerning to me and I have already started doing the lessons in HTML a second time now but I really don’t want to have to. I would prefer to just get those certifications for the lessons I had already completed so I can move on to the next course.

The certificate is given if you complete the 5 projects. (the step/challenge completion has no effect on it).

I’m not sure what is happening, but I can just suggest that you complete the remaining projects if you want the certificate.

yeah im an idiot. I finally found the “claim certifications” page and I saw theres like 3 more pages I have to code before I can claim the certification for it.

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