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[Complete Responsive Web Design Certification Projects] Somehow has been completed, I’ve only completed the first project and was working on the second this morning and I went back to finish this evening and I’m unable to continue because it says completed. The codepen link is grayed out and the project is not check marked as completed.

Need some help.

Thank you.

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

Link to the challenge:

I am not sure I understand what’s going on, can you give more infos on the issue?

I am taking the responsive web design course, I have finished my tribute page and was working on building a survey form yesterday.
I went back yesterday to finish the project and under the Claim Your Certification it shows “Complete Responsive Web Design Certification Projects” it shows that it is completed,
along with the “Claim and view your certification” it shows completed as well.

Under the Responsive Web Design Projects section only the Tribute Page is checked as completed
which is correct, because that is the only one I’ve completed.

the checkmark shows something as completed, the full dot is something you will have to manually check yourself as it can’t be automatically computed at the moment

Clicking on the full dots didn’t undo anything. It’s still as it was and I can’t progress my project because it thinks I’ve completed the projects and claimed the certification. I suppose I’ll reset my account and spend the weekend getting back to where I was.

Thank you for the assistance.

I reset my account and I am having the same issue across every course.

the full dot is not a sign that it is completed or not
the checkmark means you have completed it, the empy dot means you need to complete it, the full dot means you need to check manually yourself if it is completed or not as it can’t be checked automatically

But those dots being filled in isn’t letting me complete the projects I haven’t completed, because it says they’re all already complete.
When I go to ANY project I can’t go to codepen because the “I’ve completed this project” is grayed out, like it’s been completed, but it hasn’t been.

Complete Responsive Web Design Certification Projects
Claim and view your certification

were not filled in circles yesterday morning, they were filled in yesterday evening for some reason when I went back to finish my second project.

I just want to know if there’s something I can do or something that can be done to fix this issue because right now I can’t progress towards the certificate if it thinks I’ve already completed it.


paste a link in the text box and you will be able to press the button

A check mark inside a circle indicates a task’s completion. A partly filled-in circle indicates a task is underway.

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