Certification for (New) Responsive Web Design

I just finished the survey form (certification project) and I got a message on the screen that 20% is done and I understand that It means certification for the whole (New) Responsive Web Design, but how do I know that freeCodeCamp have received it so when the time comes freeCodeCamp can give me a certification for my work?

When the modal open and you press “Submit” button, you have submitted the project. You can double check in the certification page, look if the project appear completed or not, and in the settings

It does not appear completed, but I’ve downloaded the code.
Should I restart the survey form project and paste my code and try again?

If it does not appear completed you need to submit again. Passing the tests is not enough, make sure you press the “Submit” button in the modal

It worked now, thank you :slight_smile:

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