Responsive Web Design Certification

So I recently finished the first certification! I downloaded it and added it to my LinkedIn however I went back to make further changes after already claiming the certificating. The new changes I made to improve my projects however have not updated on the certification but did on the freecodecamp website.

How do I update the certification so that it has my new projects on display rather then my old ones I rushed through.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Welcome there,

To update your projects, you need to re-submit them. Remember to actually press the Submit and continue button, after passing the tests.

Hope this clarifies


I do click on Submit and Continue. This brings me to the next lesson so I can confirm that the Submit went through. However it still does not update the project certification side.

Would you mind:
a) Trying a hard-refresh of your page (Shift + R) in case your browser is caching the data.
b) Sharing a link to your certification

Thank you that worked!

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