Update projects in my certification

Hi, I have just claimed my first certification, and now I can see that the projects shown in it are the first versions that I submitted for testing. I have updated all my projects before claiming the certificate.
Now, I read some posts in the forum and learnt I should have ran the tests and hit “submit” again, which I didn’t.
Is it possible to update the projects after the certification has been claimed?

Thank you very much!

Yes you can always update the projects as and when you like

If you have claimed certificates . My advice is that you should work on projects in vs code using react js , next js or node js with any css framework such as tailwind css for your better portfolio.

By making these projects in vs code will make you confident enough to work for any junior front end dev in any company.

Ok, how? If I try to re run the tests they don’t run… Also, the preview of my code is not working any more since I claimed the certificate.

just redo ,click runtests, then click submit

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